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Flor de María 

Born in NYC. Blessed with chill.


As a single father living in NYC I got into CBD just to help me take the edge off of everyday life and find more patience in being a dad. Then I found it in chocolate form, but there was one problem there... the taste. I tried nearly every CBD-infused chocolate in the market, but most were raw, sugarless and tasteless. 

It was then when I decided to make my own.

By sourcing the finest single origin cacao from Venezuela (my home country), and other Latin American origins, and adding clean, hand-cultivated, New York grown full spectrum CBD oil, I had created something special. And the more I experimented with different flavors and shared with friends who truly loved it, the more I started to find chill in my day to day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I found joy in creating it. 


Hecho para ti.


William Zitser, Founder and CEO

10% off with your first order.

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