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How is Flor de María made?

With passion. Our focus is on creating the highest quality hemp-infused edibles possible, always beautifully presented.

We source highly natural ingredients of impeccable quality, and then we test and taste and repeat until we are delighted to share. The chocolates we use blend seamlessly with the high quality concentrated full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil so all you taste is superb chocolate.

Where do you source your chocolate?

We are constantly searching for the best sustainably sourced chocolate from socially responsible producers. Our current line is from a family run business in Venezuela, and one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in the country. We also source from the Hacienda San José del Real de La Carrera in Usulután, El Salvador, a family owned Estate. Our nibs also come from a family operated business from Ecuador. Each of our chocolate varieties brings its own flavor and character, reflecting an individual regions’ terroir.


Where do you source your CBD?

We source all of our CBD locally. We now source from Bardo Labs, a family farm and lab in Binghamton, New York.

What is CBD?

We are huge fans of Hemp and strongly believe in its potential benefits. We recommend you do your own research, gather information, and form your own opinion about hemp-based products. Project CBD and CBD safely are good sources of information to get started.


Does your chocolate contains any THC?

We use highly concentrated full spectrum oil extracted from high-resin CBD-rich hemp strains with less than 0.3% THC, the current legal limit for hemp. So there are minimal levels or trace amounts of THC, which will not make you “high”, rather will tend to enhance the overall effect of the CBD. This is often called the “entourage effect,” which refers to the idea that the cannabis plant contains various potentially beneficial cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds that may have a greater effect when combined together than consumed apart. 


Will I be able to pass a drug test?

CBD use is at your own risk when it comes to drug testing.

Our CBD contains trace amounts of THC (less than 1%), yet even 0 THC formulas can result in positive drug tests because each person metabolizes cannabinoids in their bloodstream differently.

Flor de María is not liable nor responsible for failed drug tests.


How do you make sure each chocolate has the right amount of CBD?

Consistency is very important to us and we work closely with third party testing facilities to ensure our dosing. A sample from each batch is sent to CS Labs to ensure that every experience you have with our chocolates is consistent. With the batch number clearly written on the back of your box you can check the COA (Certificate of Analysis) of the CBD and the potency of the chocolate you bought.

Is Flor de María Organic?

While our cannabis is organic and farmed without pesticides or added fertilizer, and the chocolate and milk we use are from organic sources, at this time we are not able to use the term “organic” on any of our confections due to limits on commercial relations between the U.S. and Venezuela. 


How long will my chocolate keep?

Chocolate has a great shelf-life. Our chocolates can last for months. Naturally, they taste their best closest to the manufacturing date. 

Store your Flor de María Chocolate bar in a cool dark place, ideally between 61 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (16-21 degrees Celsius). Keep out of direct sunlight and out of the refrigerator! Storing chocolate in the refrigerator may result in blooming, which happens when moisture  dissolves the sugar crystals on the chocolate's surface, leaving a white, powdery look.

Food allergies?

All of our products are manufactured in a facility that produces products that may contain dairy and/or nuts.

Are you Vegan and Gluten-free?

All our bars are Gluten-free, Vegan, and certified Pareve Kosher.

Wholesale enquiries?

We’re currently interested in taking select new wholesale accounts, please send us an email and we'll get right back at you.

10% off with your first order.

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