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"CBD is the cool kid in town. You can find it in every form and it has many uses. But, as of late, the industry has gotten even more creative with their CBD-infused offerings that cater to a variety of niche markets. That’s where Flor de María comes in: a unique chocolate CBD brand created by William Zitser. The bar features 120 mg of CBD and is made with high-quality cacao sourced from family-owned producers"

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"For another sweet treat, Adduci says that this CBD-packed bar “isn’t just a great edible — it’s hands down some of the most delicious chocolate.”"

"Flor de María Chocolate Bars President and founder William Zitser sources cacao in his native Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America. In addition to dark chocolate, lemongrass, ghost pepper caramel, and sea salt and nibs flavors, he makes limited-edition single-estate chocolates."


"Made from family-owned products, Flor de Maria crafts artisanal chocolate bars made of the finest Latin American chocolate, and hand-cultivated, New York-grown hemp flower extract. A full bar contains 120mg of CBD with 10mg in each piece. Indulge in their unique flavors like Lemongrass, Amagansett Sea Salt, or Ghost Pepper Caramel. What’s better than chocolate that helps you chill?"


"Each chocolate bar (divided into 12 pieces) is infused with 120 milligrams of CBD; that’s 10 milligrams per piece. Specializing in high-quality, small batch CBD-infused edibles, Flor de Maria sources chocolate from family-owned producers in Latin America to make single-origin bars with flavors like lemongrass, Amagansett Sea Salt and cacao nibs, and ghost pepper caramel. Pick up the gift pack ($74.80) which includes the company’s core collection (four bars) at a 15% discount."


"What’s better than a luxurious chocolate bar, dosed with CBD? Not much. Enter Flor de María, the brainchild of Venezuelan-born and Brooklyn-based William Zitser. With a background in film and advertising, Zitser has been transitioning into the cannabis world with his luxury chocolate edibles company... "

10% off with your first order.

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