At Flor de María we make the highest quality cannabinoid-infused chocolate confections

Every bar is an experience of the finest single origin Latin American chocolate, and hand-cultivated, New York grown, full spectrum artisanal hemp flower extract.

We are indulgence crafted with the purest ingredients.

Blessed with Chill.

The Winemakers Approach

While most infused chocolates are made with untraceable third party chocolate that they mix with hemp and remold, we make our chocolate from scratch. This way, through a proprietary method, we pick the cacao beans and roast them to perfectly pair with our cannabinoids and terpenes.

From the delicious deep, spicy nut flavors of Venezuelan cacao, to the bright fruity taste of the chocolate from Ecuador, Flor de María is tastefully made with some of the best cacao in the world. Infused with hand cultivated, New York grown, full-spectrum artisanal hemp flower extract, and produced with the most delicious and responsibly sourced ingredients we can find, from the hottest peppers to the best finishing salt in the United States. 

We third-party test all Flor de María batches to ensure that our CBD potency adheres to the highest standards, and we make this information readily available.

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Each one of our 12 piece bars is infused with 120mg of CBD (10mg per pip). Delight your taste buds through our expanding range of flavors, always knowing what's in each delicious bite! 


Limited Edition - 75% - Usulután, El Salvador

120mg CBD

Single estate heirloom Trinitario cacao from the Hacienda San José del Real in Usulután, El Salvador. This lightly roasted cacao is one of the most delicious and aromatic we've ever tasted. Only three ingredients in this bar, 75% cacao mass, 15% cane sugar, and 120mg of organic full spectrum hemp derived CBD. 

A portion of proceeds of this special edition bar go to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), the leading national organization advocating for the rights of unaccompanied migrant and refugee children in the U.S.

Vegan, Gluten-free



120mg CBD

This herbaceous blend has a subtle citrus and floral taste that combines perfectly well with our exceptional dark chocolate made only with fine Carenero Superior Cacao from Venezuela for a delicious, extraordinary chocolate experience. Cool and refreshing for when your spirit has no chill.

Vegan, Gluten-free


Dark Chocolate

120mg CBD

70% Carenero Superior, Select Premium Chocolate Trinitario / Criollo hybrid from Barlovento, Venezuela provenance and named after the port from where it was once shipped. Its flavor is bold and earthy, with tropical fruit  and strong spicy nut notes, bright acidity, and delicate nuttiness. Our 70% Dark Chocolate bar has a medium body with a very long finish that is round and complex.

Vegan, Gluten-free


Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs

120mg CBD

Dark Chocolate with gently crushed roasted cacao beans from Ecuador for a pleasantly fruity yet bittersweet crunch, finished with a  touch of Amagansett Sea Salt. Akin, yet superior to fleur de sel, Amagansett Sea Salt is crafted entirely by hand in small batches from the Atlantic Ocean. Amagansett means “place of good water”, and the salt from Amagansett Sea Salt Co. is simply the best.

Vegan, Gluten-free


Ghost Pepper Caramel

120mg CBD

Small pieces of luscious, spicy caramel mixed in the smoothest Dark Chocolate. We’ve worked on this recipe for over a year to make sure our caramel has the right crunch in your mouth and that our super spicy chiles keeps adding excitement to the experience, literally, Ghost Pepper gets spicier the more you eat. It’s a sneaky one.

Vegan, Gluten-free


Gift Pack

The full line of Flor de María Bars, 4 bars at a 20% discount.

-Dark Chocolate
-Ghost Pepper Caramel
-Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs



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